Traction Lifts Traction Lifts

Annual Maintenance Contract

Our comprehensive Elevator Maintenance service program helps to keep Elevator in minimum down time at reasonable cost. Our efficient team of technicians uses computerized monitoring system for better operational efficiency, ensuring best quality service to our clients.

Traction Lifts are also a cut above the rest, for the advantages they offer:
  • Any Elevator requires timely service so that its system keeps on functioning properly, without any flaws.
  • Our Engineer visits for any problem and routine Preventive maintenance for Elevator under our Elevator Annual Maintenance Contract.
  • If any of its parts are not working, we provide repairing service for it as per our Elevator Annual Maintenance Contract.
  • Besides, we will be providing stand by support for the Elevators, under our Elevator Annual Maintenance Contract.

Parts Replacement:

Motor Bearing, Solonoid Valve, Solonoid Coil, Rubber Pad, Main Rope 13mm, Speed Governor Rope 8mm, Dbr, Car Door/ Landing Door Roller Bearing, Car Door Belt And Airchord, Landing Door/ Car Door Lock Contact, Landing Door/ Car Door Gibs, Encoder, Car Shoe Liner / Counter Weight Shoe Liner, Break Liner, Travelling Cable, Limit Switches/ Proximity Switch, Junction Box/ Maintenance Box, Hydraulic Oil (Free Replace As Per Required Of Machine or in a year only), Contactors, Relays, Transformer. Motor(Rewinding), Controller PCB, Hall Buttons/ Indicator, COP Buttons/ Indicator, Cabin Fan, Car Door Motor. Friction Sheave (Pulley)/ Divertor Pulley, Speed Governor Unit, Photo Censor, Hall Button Face Plate, Cabin Falceiling, Landing Door/ Car Door, Cabin Replacement, Flooring Tiles/ Chakkarplate, Main Piston, Hose Pipes.

Replacement and Repair under customer’s scope of work:

Main Switch, ELCB/ MCB, Earthing, Cabin Light.

Traction Lifts Traction Lifts